Destroy Your Business Canvas


The Destroy Your Business Canvas will help you destroy your own business model, before someone else does it for you.

Destroy Your Business Canvas

Markets, environments, and technology can change so quickly that no amount of profit today guarantees success tomorrow. New companies are popping up faster than ever before. And they are ready to destroy your business for you. If you’re thinking it won't be that bad, please don’t listen to us. Just ask Nokia, American Airlines or Blockbuster. Who?! Right.

So, instead of waiting until some pesky startup does it for you, grab your nerves and a pencil. Destroy your business today and build upon its ashes. How? Easy, in just three simple steps with this smashing canvas.

Perfect for leading CEOs, business owners, and managers at all levels.

Easy to use in your next workshop with our three step starter guide.

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Based on methods used by

General Electric

More case studies are available in the manual.

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The Destroy Your Business Canvas is a full package to help you get started right away.

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  • The updated 3-step manual to get you started
  • NEW CASES from Amazon, GE and Netflix
  • Additional resources to spice things up
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